Monday, March 06, 2006

Please attend Tuesday March 7 Supreme Court Oral Arguments


We invite all lawyers, law students, and paralegals to attend the Tuesday, March 7, 1:00 pm Oral Arguments at the Supreme Court on the Petitions filed against Proclamation 1017. Members of the legal profession must unite in calling on the Supreme Court to rule that any declaration such as PP 1017 is prohibited for being unconstitutional, arbitrary and repressive.

Despite the paper-lifting of PP 1017, we must continue to assert this call against dictatorship and condemn the ongoing warrantless arrests, the stiffling of legitimate dissent, the dispersal of rallies, and the attacks against the media.

Join this call to say NEVER AGAIN!

Let us all meet at the Supreme Court on Tuesday, March 7 at 12:30pm. We invite you to wear discreet but noticeable blue sticker papers that will be made available by the CLCL. Please look for any CODAL member for this.

Please feel free to forward this to all your lawyers, law students and paralegals and everybody else.

Once again, let us show our unity and resolve to fight tyranny and uphold civil liberties as we dramatically proved during our historic protest rally-march to EDSA shrine last Friday.

See you!

CODAL Secretariat
Convenor, CLCL


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